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Are you surprised that there are more than 7,100 islands comprising the Philippines? Have you ever heard of the Puerto Princesa Underground River or the famous and friendly whale sharks of Oslob, Cebu? Or the world-renowned diving spots of the Malapascua Island where manta rays and the rare thresher sharks abound, and the pristine and powder-like white sands of Bantayan Island?

Cebu Republic Travel will help you discover why everyone has only praises for this kind of experience.

The Cebu Republic website was established in 2014, while its tour and travel arm, the Cebu Republic Travel, was launched midyear of 2017. With another feather tucked on its hat, the Cebu Republic Travel will accompany you wherever you want to go in any exotic destinations in and around Cebu.

Cebu Republic Travel has secured itself as the premiere companion in all of your outdoor adventures in and around Cebu and know where the most sumptuous dining places are, the best place to stay, and all about the wonders of the different islands of the region.

We provide a safe, secure, and exhilarating adventures with these exciting places while we also provide day tours to some of the neighboring islands of Cebu, such as Bohol, Dumaguete, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, and other interesting destinations around Cebu. Our amazing tour will make you discover why they’ve become must-see destinations in the country.

Cebu Republic Travel can arrange your whole trip for you with just a call or a click of a button. We set the trend in wholesome adventure and entertainment while you pick the most out of the extraordinary escapade that will satisfy your craving for an ultimate experience. Relive the thrilling Cebu Republic Travel adventure now!

Terms and Conditions

For a more beneficial relationship between Cebu Republic Travel and its clients, you are advised to read and understand this Terms and Conditions pertaining to all the tours and travels (known here as the “product/s”) organized by the said company. The purchase of travel and tour services offered by Cebu Republic Travel constitute a mutual arrangement between you (the “Client”, or other visitors on this website) and Cebu Republic Travel (the “company”, the “website” or the “organizer”), and represent your acceptance of the Company’s Terms and Conditions declared on this website. You are advised to request the latest version of the Terms & Conditions or you may also access the latest version of the Terms & Conditions through

Travel Package and Reservation

  • You can book a reservation online via our reservation form through this website, or any other of the company’s online reservation pages, such as, website chatbox or on our Facebook page.
  • Every travel or tour package is available daily, unless otherwise specified.
  • Please book in advance. This is required. You have a minimum of two (2) days to make a booking prior to the preferred tour dates and is subject for availability.
  • All website rates are inclusive of value added tax and surcharges of Cebu Republic Travel and its suppliers.
  • Rates are based on existing lowest-priced service for every inclusions stated, considering possible and mandated discounts.
  • Down Payment: Fifty Percent (50%) is required to all reservations for us to confirm your booking.
  • PWDs (persons with disabilities) and senior citizens who want to avail of these tour packages have discounted rates applicable for entrance fees only. Discounts are not applicable to car rental rates if accompanied by Adults and kids.

Price Rates Policy

Cebu Republic Travel does not tolerate “hidden charges” across all of its products. All package prices are based on rates known at the time of publication. Tour rates are per person or per pax. Price is inclusive of value added tax and surcharges of the company. Prices are subject to change without prior notice, terms & conditions will apply. The Organizer reserves the right to re-price/re-quote for any additional fees that may have incurred (i.e. government taxes, or hotel/airline surcharges or change in rates).

Methods of Payments

A refundable and transferable 50% down payment of the total package is required for Cebu Republic Travel to process the reservation for you. The Organizer accepts payment through the following methods where you are more convenient:

  • Money transfer
  • Bank transfer
  • ONLINE payments using credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.

A booking is not confirmed until the down payment (DP) is received by Cebu Republic Travel. When a DP is made, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Your reservation will likewise be automatically canceled if the payment required is not received within the specified period and the Organizer reserves the right to apply cancellation charges if necessary. Price is guaranteed upon receipt of the down payment.

MONEY TRANSFER or BANK TRANSFER is highly recommended but if you wish to make an ONLINE payment, please specify as such during reservation. Invoice (or link to the invoice) will be sent through email after we received your reservation from our website. You can use the link of the invoice to pay using a credit card / debit card or through PayPal. A 5% service charge of the due amount will be added for ONLINE payments.

Please review and verify your statement invoice thoroughly and contact Cebu Republic Travel immediately if your invoice appears to be incorrect or incomplete, as it may not be possible to make changes later. The Company cannot accept responsibility if we are not notified of inaccuracies within 5 days after sending out the invoice. In the case of billing errors, Cebu Republic Travel reserves the right to re-invoice you with the correct pricing.

The Organizer is not responsible for canceled package reservations in the event down payment is not received before the travel date.

Cancellation of booking and refunds

  • In the event of canceled booking received at least 2 (two) days before the actual date of tour, the Cebu Republic Travel will refund to you 80% of the paid down payment. However, cancellations received less than 2 days will not be honored and will not be refunded.
  • The Company reserves the right to cancel confirmed tours in the event of natural phenomenon or mandated government cancellations. Guests will be entitled for a refund (minus service charges) or will be able to move their booking to a later date depending on the availability of the tour.
  • NO REFUNDS will be provided by Cebu Republic Travel for cancellation of other members of the group, portions of trips missed due to canceled, rescheduled or delayed flights or if passenger is not permitted by the Immigration Consulate to travel after airport check-in, nor is the Company is responsible for any additional expenses you may incur prior to joining your trip if you miss your departure flight or flight connection.
  • There are NO REFUNDS for unused transport, entrance fees, hotels, and tours. In case you have to withdraw from the tour after it has begun due to medical reasons (or any other reasons, whatsoever) we regret to inform you that we will not be able to make any refund for absences from the tour. Supplier’s terms & conditions apply.

Refunds will usually take 30-40 business days depending on the approval of the Finance Head.

The Organizer is not responsible for canceled package reservations in the event down payment is not received before the travel date.

For a safe travel and tour

Please be aware that during your tour booked by Cebu Republic Travel, certain risks and dangers may arise beyond our control, including, but not limited to:

  • the hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas;
  • travel by boat, train, automobile, aircraft, or other means of transportation;
  • acts of nature;
  • political unrest;
  • acts of lawlessness or terrorism;
  • and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities.

Cebu Republic Travel will not be held liable regarding provision of medical care or the inadequacy of any care that may be rendered. While the Organizer will use its best efforts to ensure that adequate measures are taken, by agreeing to participate in a tour you agree that you will hold Cebu Republic Travel unaccountable regarding any provision of medical care or the inadequacy of any care rendered.

In case of revisions

Necessary penalty charge may apply per person for any revision made to the confirmed reservation unless the change increases the value of booking. Confirmed reservations are transferable, change to another name and/or destination is permitted unless the change does not increase the value of booking.

Privacy Policy

Cebu Republic Travel commits to protect the privacy of its users. It will not publicize user registration or private information on its website unless with an express authorization or within the provisions of applicable regulations and laws. However, Cebu Republic may find necessary to share user personal data to a third party which jointly runs activities with this website. Hence, the users are advised to be cautious in giving consideration in such activities.

This website's service provider is entitled to gather and record all the information that are pertinent to browsing history and browsing habits of this website's users; and recommend contents based on these information and users' needs.

The service provider may share or provide user information per request from competent arbitration, legal process, court, government authorities or other legal institutions, in accordance with applicable regulations and laws as well as to the extent of the requirements in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of the Philippines.

Best Travel & Tour Assistance

Cebu is truly becoming the most exciting place to visit not only for the sole traveler but for the whole family. It is becoming a wholesome family entertainment, really. The family that travels together surely stays together!

Cebu Republic Travel is committed to provide the best assistance to clients in delivering quality touring services while you are only focused on your next big thing a day before. We are also committed to make your awesome travel dream a reality with a bang!

We also understand your need for traveling to the most famous tourist destinations at a reasonable price without sacrificing the quality of enjoyment that you seek from the best places in this island nation.

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